“Siam Quality Starch” grows along with society.
     Siam Quality Starch Co., Ltd. is an affiliated company of Siam Modified Starch Co., Ltd. The company is committed to operate its business based on good governance practices, ethics and morality and is truly committed to behave in exemplary fashion in showing that company prosperity should be accompanied by social growth and public well-being. Therefore, we emphasize supporting farmers in producing quality raw materials at a reasonable price under the initiative “Farmers are our partners”.
     Currently, the company has its headquarters in Pathumthani Province and a production facility, one of the most modern and technologically advanced in the Asia-Pacific region, in an area which is a major source of raw materials in Chaiyaphum Province. This facility is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality native and modified tapioca starch products that meet a wide range of industrial demand domestically and internationally, particularly industries producing textiles, paper, adhesives and food, under the “Siam Modified Starch” brand.
     The company has made every effort to conduct all business based on product and management quality under our company motto of “Quality Creates Our Value” in order to pay back the customers for their unwavering trust in us. In this respect, the company has developed and improved product quality and performance effectiveness continuously which has enabled us to become accredited with quality standards such as ISO 9001:2000, GMP, HACCP and others.
     The primary mind-set of the company and all of its employees is aimed at creating a Thai society and community with the capacity for sustainable growth where the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach has been adopted as policy continuously and intensively. Siam Quality Starch is the first company where no sulfur dioxide is used in the production process. In addition, high efficiency dust collection filters have been installed in the production process to prevent air pollution. Further, the company has undertaken water treatment using a method which produces biogas which can be used to replace fuel oil in the production plant and, at the same time, reduces greenhouse gases. This not only helps in environmental and energy conservation for Thailand, but also in reducing the causes of global warming.
     The company has also executed projects supporting community economics to improve the well-being and income earnings of the cassava planters by promoting the knowledge and understanding of productive planting methods to reduce their operating costs and by enhancing their knowledge of the market’s requirements. In addition to corporate social responsibility that benefits Thai society generally in the long term, the company also produces fair and equitable benefits for groups and related organizations, for example clients, farmers, trade alliances and shareholders, who have been part of our growth.
     The company continues to move forward unceasingly to maintain leadership in the production of high quality modified starch along with the progress of Thai society and globalization.
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